It's Easy!
  • 1
    Create a private message for someone special

    Use text, images, video and audio
    to create your personal message

    • Birthday Wishes
    • Homework Journaling
    • Time Capulse
    • Self-Evaluations
    • Overseas Hello
    • Life-Changing Events
    Create A Living
  • 2
    choose your future date for delivery

    Determine the excat moment your
    recipient reads your personal message

    • Hours
    • Months
    • Days
    • Years

    Into the Future!

    Make A Time Capsule
  • 3
    send your textbottleTM and watch it countdown

    Your recipient is emailed notification of your
    TextBottle TM with a countdown clock

    • Send Anonymously or Include Your Name
    • Opens Only at a Countdown of Zero
    • Delivers Your Message at the Perfact Moment
    Keep A Journal

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